Jizt Docs - AI Summarization in the cloud

Ever wondered what Jizt looks like under the hood? You are then in the right place.

Jizt aims to be a service that provides a series of ready-to-use NLP tools. As for now, Jizt is able to generate abstractive summaries making use of the last advances in NLP. More specifically, we currently use Google’s T5 model in its implementation by Hugging Face (big thanks to them!).

In the future, we plan to add more NLP tasks, so that Jizt can be even better!

Everything is still at a very early stage, but progressively, we will add new features, so stay tuned! Please, keep in mind that Jizt is developed in our free time, so more often than not, we won’t be able to devote as much time as we would like.

You can take a look at the Jizt Roadmap to see what’s going on at the moment.

Are you looking for the REST API documentation? You can find it here.