Contribute to Jizt

First of all, we want to thank you for your interest in contributing to Jizt. Contributions from the community are essential for the improvement of Jizt. We want to keep the contribution process as easy and simple as possible. There are a number of guidelines that we ask those who wish to contribute to the project to follow in order to maintain a good organization.

How to contribute to the project?

There are numerous ways in which you can contribute to the project. For example:

  • Helping to maintain the code, fixing bugs or translating documentation so that more people can get to know about Jizt.

  • Submitting bug reports or any other type of problem.

  • Fixing known bugs.

  • Providing ideas for new features.

  • Implementing these new requested features.

  • Telling your friends how awesome Jizt is (hopefully you think so 😉).

  • Writing a post or blog about Jizt.

How to request to add your code to the project?

To contribute to the project with your code, first create a Pull request and make the appropriate modifications or additions.

Alternatively, you can do a manual Fork, modify the code, and later open a Pull request.

Please do not forget to explain in detail the changes implemented in the Pull request. Otherwise, we might not be able to consider your contribution.

How to report bugs?

Bug reports help us improve. If you have found a bug, you can open an Issue using the template provided.

Please check first that the bug you have found has not been previously reported.


If you find a security vulnerability DO NOT open an Issue. Send us a message to

How to request new features?

If you have a great idea for a feature you think Jizt should have, feel free to tell us about it! To do so, create a new Discussion with the title “[Feature Request]” followed by your idea.

Please check first that the desired feature has not been previously suggested.

We will try to attend all requests, but please be patient, we are still a small team 😁

Still have any doubts? Drop us an email at We will be happy to help you!